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Samsung is publicly developing a new black technology display that can directly slide the physical stretch screen

In the future, perhaps your computer screen will no longer be just a fixed display, on September 27, US time, Samsung executives appeared at an Intel conference event, showing the company's black technology display products under development, which can be manually or electrically directly sliding to achieve physical stretching of the screen.


The manual version of this product is codenamed Slidable Flex Duet, and the current OLED version of the display sample is only 17 inches, but this is not the point, users can directly grasp the ends of the hand to stretch into a more flat ratio display, and the other automatic version of the model is Slidable Flex Solo is installed with an electric stretching device to achieve the physical stretching of the screen.


Samsung officials said that although the sample can be mass-produced almost immediately, it will consider future progress according to the market reaction after this appearance.


Post time: Oct-27-2022