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Features and advantages of 4-inch screen

With the popularity of mobile devices, people’s demand for small-sized LCD screens is getting higher and higher. Among them, the 4-inch screen is one of the most common sizes, and its features and advantages have attracted much attention. This article will deeply analyze the resolution, interface, brightness and other characteristics of the 4-inch screen, and analyze its advantages for readers.

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1. Resolution

The resolution of 4-inch screens is mostly 480*800, which is also the balance between cost and pixels. At this pixel density, details are still clearly visible, and the cost is not too high. Compared with larger screens, the number of pixels in a 4-inch screen is more concentrated, making the entire picture more delicate and fuller.


Through the interface, the data transmission and processing speed on the 4-inch screen can be improved. Some of the major interface standards are MIPI.  The advantage of the MIPI interface is that the data transmission speed is faster and it supports two or three video inputs, so it will be more abundant in applications.


The 4-inch screen also has its unique brightness advantage. By increasing the average illumination of the LCD screen, the brightness effect of the picture can be improved, thereby improving the user’s visual experience. Even when the outdoor light is strong, the 4-inch screen can effectively reflect the surrounding light, making the visual effect even better.

In general, the 4-inch screen has its own unique advantages in terms of resolution, interface and brightness, and the price can better meet the needs of customers. It has attracted great attention from the market.

Post time: Oct-08-2023