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Four advantages of 5.5 inch LCD screen

1. The display screen is high-definition

When it comes to the 5.5-inch LCD screen, I have to say its sense of picture, which is why Apple was popular at that time, that is, the use of high-definition 5.5-inch LCD screen display, which changed the traditional concept of 5.5-inch LCD screen. The 5.5-inch LCD screen screen adopts a pure flat glass panel. The display effect is also flat at right angles, the viewing angle is large, no matter what angle you look at, the display is still clear. At present, most of the 5.5-inch LCD screens can achieve ultra-high definition.

2. Small and slim appearance

Compared with the traditional cathode ray tube display, our 5.5-inch LCD screen is a new generation of revolutionary products, which removes the bulky picture tube, and replaces it with a thin backlight panel, which greatly saves the space of the whole machine, so that the whole machine is small and shallow in design, it is precisely because of its small body that the 5.5-inch LCD screen has been in the dominant position in the display industry.



3. High reliability performance

With the great increase in the demand for 5.5-inch LCD screens, people’s requirements for 5.5-inch LCD screens are becoming more and more stringent. High reliability is the core competitiveness. The 5.5-inch LCD screen can be dustproof, shockproof, dropproof, waterproof, anti-fall and so on with the function of the whole machine.

4. Low power consumption

5.5 inch LCD screen than the traditional display power consumption is indeed much smaller, 5.5 inch LCD screen main power consumption lies in the backlight and IC driver, in power consumption is also very energy-saving, because of its small and shallow shape also saves it power consumption.

Post time: Feb-15-2023