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3.99 inch LCD IPS display/ Module/ 400*960 RGB interface 31PIN

This 3.99 inch LCD display is composed of a TFT-LCD panel, driver IC, FPC, a backlight unit. The 3.99 inch display area contains 400*9600 pixels and can display up to 16.7M colors. This product accords with RoHS environmental criterion.

Product Detail

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Product Details

Display Mode IPS/NB
Contrast ratio 800                 
SurfaceLuminance 300 Cd/m2
Response time 35ms             
Viewing angle range 80 degree
Interface PIN RGB/31PIN       
LCM Driver IC ST7701S/CV9503CV
Place of Origin   Shenzhen ,Guangdong, China
Touch Panel NO

Features&Mechanical Specifications(As shown in the following figure):

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Product Display


1. IPS LCD screen, the ideal picture with vivid colors, saturation and naturalness.


2. LCD Viewing Angle:  full range of IPS LCD options Super-Wide viewing angle Glare or anti-glare polarizer O-film soulution


3. The backlight back has an iron frame, which can play a certain protective role on the LCD screen

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4. Long strip, suitable for players and other products

Product Application

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Product list

The following list is the standard product on our website and can quickly provide you with samples.But we only show some of the product models because there are too many types of LCD panels. If you need different specifications, our experienced PM team will provide you with the most suitable solution.

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1. The list doesn't meet my product specifications, Is there any other size or specification can be choose or customize for me?

Here is our standard product in website, which can provide sample fast for you.

We show part of items only, because there are so many types of LCD panels. If you need different specification, our experienced PM team will provide the most suitable solution for you. 


2. What kind of environment need to use High Brightness Panel?

Differ from the brightness of traditional panels.It allows the user to see the display under strong sunlight which enables operation under special conditions. Like industries such as parking lot, industries, transportation, military etc…


3. How long is the product warranty?

Besides danmage caused by human factors, within one year warranty from the start of shipping. If there are special conditions, the warranty time will be separately notified.


4. Does the product support customization?

If there is no product that meets your requirements, we can customize the proofing according to your requirements


5. How to buy in bulk? Is there any discount on this product?

If you need to buy in large quantities, you can contact our Sales and we will offer quotations and transaction terms for you.

Service Concept

The company adheres to the product design principle of "professional, efficient, safe and innovative", provide one-stop TFT color display module solutions of various shapes and sizes according to customer needs.We actively innovate and constantly apply advanced technology to product development and production to effectively support customer product needs. And according to the market and customer demand changes to provide customized overall display solutions at any time.

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