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IPS 480*800 4.3 Inch UART screen TFT Lcd Module /RGB Interface with Capacitive Touch Panel

FDK043WV3-ZF40 is our URAT screen with touch screen, adopting modular design, with excellent electrical characteristics and anti-interference, stable and reliable work, industrial standard.

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Basic parameters

Product  4.3 inch URAT touch LCD display/ Module 
Display Mode IPS/NB
Resolution                    800*480               
SurfaceLuminance 380 Cd/m2
CPU ARM Cortex A7 Singlecore isthe highest 1.2GHz Frequency         
Memory           SPI FLASH 128mb
Run the system                   Linux3.4        
Operating current 240mA 240mA
Input voltage         DC5V
Place of Origin   Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 
Touch Panel YES

Interface performance parameters

Parameter   Minimum   Typical value   Maximum  Unit
baud rate     115200   bps
UART-RXD  3.0 3.3 3.4 V
UART-TXD 2.0 3.3 5.0 V
Interface level   3.3V TTL level

Product picture


Interface description

NO. definition Note
A Power outlets Power supply, UART communication
B RTC  Battery socket RTC Power supply battery outlet    
C USB OTP USB OTP  connector
D Deck TF Read  deck       

Structural dimensions:unit(mm)


Product Application



○ To prevent open flames, high temperatures and collisions, do not store in rain or wet places.

○ During debugging and use, improper operation may cause damage to the equipment.

○ This device can be used continuously.

○ Do not turn on and off frequently during work, it is strictly forbidden to knock on the equipment, the above behaviors may damage the equipment and accelerate the aging of the equipment.

○ Handle it gently.

Clean – Wipe clean with a soft cloth and do not use chemical solutions such as alcohol.

Voltage – The device uses 5V DC.

Energy consumption - the power consumption of this product is extremely low, and the total power of the whole machine is not more than 2W. When not in use for a long time, turn off the power and unplug it.

Environment – Do not expose this product to moisture, rain, sand, or places with excessive temperatures.

Storage and use (heating equipment or under sunlight).

Note: When the device is working, please place it in a ventilated, dry place without strong vibration. 

Usage requirements

◆ relative humidity≤80%。

◆ Storage temperature -10°C ~ +60 °C。

◆ Use temperature 0 °C ~ +40°C。

◆ Pay attention to anti-static treatment during assembly and transportation。

◆ When the whole machine is assembled, do not be subjected to heavy pressure。

◆ In order to achieve better EMC results, shielded wires are used as much as possible, and magnetic rings are conditionally worn on the wire close to the machine end.

About Us

Shenzhen Allvision Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014,focuses on theR&D, production and sales of TFT color LCD screens and modules and LCD screen touch.We have our own modern automatic production equipment and professional management, research and development and production team., mainly offer the customization service to the customers who need small and medium size color LCD modules.

Our company’s main products are 2.0”/2.31”/2.4”/2.8”/3.0”/3.97”/3.99”/4.82”/5.0”/5.5”/…10.4” and other small and medium-sized color LCD modules.  Our products are widely used in consumer electronics, financial electronics, communication electronics, intelligent home appliances, instruments and meters, industrial control, automotive electronics, culture, education, sports and entertainment and other industri

Why choose us?

1. Quality

Quality always first. Almost every buyers will say P&O care about the products quality most.


2. Samples and small MOQ

We will support our customers with cheap samples for test. All the lcds can be ordered from 1 piece.


3. Fast shipping

We have about hundreds of routes shipped all over the world. Our transportation partners work professionally for cost fairness. Usually our goods will arrive within 3 to 7 working days from the date of shipment.


4. Customize

We help different customers with different lcds. Producing by our own lines, we can satisfied our buyers. If you want customize please kindly inquiry us for details.

Our Factory

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